Zoey is loved by the Schaefer Family

When doing our research for a cockapoo, we came upon Sophie Lou Cockapoos.  My husband and I read the testimonials and thought this may be the breeder for us!!!      After going to get our puppy I wanted to write a few words to thank her and to express our feelings about Brooke and her puppy training methods.

I think that all the testimonials are beautifully written and truthful about Brooke and her devotion to raising cockapoos in the best way that she possibly can.  We didn’t want to copy or re-write what everyone else has written soooooo…….after browsing all the testimonials there are many common words used to describe Brooke: helpful, knowledgeable, experienced, caring, great communicator, the Best, Gold Standard, dedication, nurturing, caring, passionate, honest, thoughtful, professional… If  you are reading these testimonials, then you are thinking of getting a cockapoo puppy!!!  You need to look no further!!!   We can’t say enough about Brooke!!!!  We hit the JackPot with Sophie Lou Cockapoos.  Enough about Brooke:)     

We went to  pick up Zoey in April.  Zoey has slept thru the night since we brought her home.  She goes “potty” outside.  She loves her crate and happily goes there for bedtime.  The x-pen has worked out great!!!  The best part about Zoey is that she is affectionate, smart, funny, obedient and a quick learner!!  All of these things are due to Brooke and her methods for training /raising puppies. My husband and I are empty nesters and having Zoey come live with us has been a joy.  We are the lucky ones having met Brooke. If you are thinking of a puppy and lucky enough to get a Sophie Lou Cockapoo, you will never be disappointed.