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2023: Doodle Doods has proudly named Sophie Lou Cockapoos as a top ethical Cockapoo breeder.


Located in Central Pennsylvania, Sophie Lou Cockapoos is a very small hobby breeder of cockapoo puppies. Our puppies are hand raised, loved, and socialized in our home from birth. We take great pride in producing healthy, happy, well adjusted puppies.

My name is Brooke and since childhood, I have been a lover of animals, particularly dogs and cats.  I was fortunate to have parents who allowed me to foster my love for animals.   At any given time, I could be found making obstacle courses for my kittens or creating baby books for my dogs.  I dreamed mostly about being a Mom and having an array of pets to fill my home.  If you look back through my diaries and elementary school writings, you will see that my dream jobs rotated around care taking themes… Mom, Nurse, Veterinarian, Pediatrician, Teacher.  I ended up following in both of my parents’ footsteps and I became a teacher.  I taught third grade until we welcomed our first child, at which point, I became a stay at home mom, something I have thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated every day.  We have been blessed with three children and they continue to grow and change as time passes us by.  In 2016, my youngest went to kindergarten.  While that was a tough transition for me, it allowed me to realize another dream – raising puppies.  With my kids in school, I am able to devote the time necessary to raising the best puppies possible.  It’s the best of both worlds for me.  When my kids are home, they love spending time with the puppies.  They help socialize our puppies and help with all the various chores.  When it is time to send them off to school, I am able to focus more on the needs of the puppies and dogs.  I have been learning so much about what is best for our dogs and how to raise the best puppies possible.  It has been my joy to fill my life with the things that mean the most to me.

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