Baxter and Bella

I am very excited to share an amazing online training option for all of our puppy families.  BAXTER & Bella is an online puppy training program that I have been hearing about for the past year.  I decided to reach out to them to see how they operate and what they offer and I was really impressed.  After having a long conversation with one of their founders, Scott Jensen, I was extremely excited at the opportunity for families, even more so in the current COVID19 crisis, when traditional puppy classes are much more difficult or even impossible to attend.  Scott’s wife, Amy, is a certified dog trainer who has trained service dogs and puppies who fall all over the spectrum, from difficult to easy.  She is a true expert.  Scott went through all of the resources they offer each family not just for a few weeks or months, but for life.  Once you pay the training school fee, you do not have to pay again. It’s a one time fee for a lifetime membership and compared to traditional one time classes, I think it is priced very well. You would receive one on one support and help for any issues you may face over the lifetime of your dog.  They provide you with really practical training lessons and an easy to follow format that lays out everything for you.  They are available for one on one support and have videos for so many training tips, lessons, and tricks.  I personally like the step by step format they have created that lays out each training goal and how to achieve it.

The lifetime price is not as expensive as I had expected.  When they approved me as a “partner” they gave me a special code to offer our families 25% savings off of their membership.

The code you would need to use for 25% off is “SOPHIELOU” 

Many of our local 6 week classes are well over $100 and that is only 6 times you get to ask questions or have help. That’s the other thing I like about this. The help doesn’t go away.

The program includes more than 65 lessons, over 100 how-to videos, printable charts & checklists, as well as lifetime access to so many other supporting resources. They also include unlimited one-on-one video-enabled video coaching, phone calling, events, classes and courses too. 

You can learn more about who they are, what they offer and how to get started by visiting:

Or simply watch their overview video by clicking on the following quick link:

They have great starter materials designed and developed to be completed prior to picking up your puppy, so I encourage you to look into this program ahead of bringing home your puppy so that you have time to make a decision and to review the materials. 

Of course, this is not the only option. You could sign your puppy up for classes nearby your home if those are available right now. Regardless of your decision, just remember that your puppy is like a sponge and it is important to socialize and teach your puppy your expectations over the early weeks and months of life in your home. A puppy is a lot of work but early efforts pays off for the entire life of your dog. Best of luck and please know we are always here to help guide you if you need advice or ideas:)