Our Boys

Sophie Lou’s Roman Emperor – Augustus

Meet Auggie! Auggie is the son of Chewie and our beautiful Charley Girl. He was born in January, 2020. He is an F3 cockapoo. He is double furnished and has an apricot coat with white markings. Auggie is very sweet natured, smart and loyal. He has been Embark panel tested, which tests his DNA for over 100 genetic diseases. Only some of those are specific to cockapoos and he was clear for all cockapoo related diseases as well. He has been examined and certified through OFA with normal patellas. He was also examined by ophthalmologist Dr. Ron Riis and received his OFA CAER certification for normal eyes with no abnormalities. He has not sired any litters and we may not use him until 2022 when Mazie has her first litter. For now, he gets to be a fun loving puppy right here in our home. We look forward to seeing what he produces in the future.

Meet Chewie! Chewie is an F2 cockapoo. He is double furnished and has a red base coat with white markings. As you can see, he has faded to more of a buff or light apricot shade over time, which can happen with cockapoos. He has OFA normal patellas and has been Paw Print Genetic tested, which showed he is clear for all diseases tested in the panel. He has a small square build and weighs between 10-11 pounds. He sired his first litter with our Charley in January, 2020. He has since had more puppies and we have been very happy with how they have all turned out. Chewie was neutered and retired from breeding in 2021.

Some of our past puppies were sired by outside studs: a chocolate phantom named Fudge, a beautiful black phantom named Sebastian, and a creamy apricot male named Madden. We may continue to use some of these outside studs for some of our future litters. We are happy to share information and pictures of these boys with anyone who is on our waiting list, if so requested.  Since they are not our dogs, we do not post them on our website.  All males we consider will be dna health tested and they must have a gentle and friendly demeanor.