Our Girls

Want to know and see more about each of our lovely ladies? You can find lots of details and more pictures below.

 Sophie Lou the Cockapoo is at the heart of Sophie Lou Cockapoos.  She was bred from a buff colored cocker spaniel mom and a red mini poodle dad.  Sophie is an F1 cockapoo, meaning she is first generation.  She is apricot in color and is approximately 15 pounds.  Her coat is soft and has a looser curl to it.  Sophie has a gentle spirit and a sweet temperament.  She was easy to train and has so many great qualities.  She can be found on a lap or snuggled up beside any member of the family.  She has so many great attributes that have made her not only an excellent pet, but also a great mother to our puppies. She was officially retired in 2021 and enjoys relaxing around our home and going for walks.

Sophie, freshly groomed
Sophie taking a restful nap
Sophie, pregnant with her January 2019 litter

“Sophie Lou’s A Girl Named Charley”

head tilt.jpeg
“Sophie Lou’s A Girl Named Charley” – aka Charley Girl

We kept one of Sophie’s puppies from her first litter in 2017 and we named her Charley.    Charley is an absolute delight.  She has a beautiful creamy apricot coat and she is super soft.  She has a sweet and friendly demeanor and is slightly smaller than her mother.  She has given us so much to smile about.  We love our Charley Girl.

Charley was bred from an F1 cockapoo (Sophie) and an F3 cockapoo (named Fudge).  This makes Charley an F2, or second generation. Charley has a double furnishings gene, which means she should never be able to have a puppy who does not have the furry teddy bear face.  Charley is clear for PRA-prcd and exercise induced collapse and her patellas are OFA normal.  Charley had her first litter in January, 2020. 

Charley, fresh from the groomer!

Below… a freshly groomed Charley and the adorable “mop” look she rocked prior to grooming. We love them both:)

“Sophie Lou’s Love You To Pieces”

“Sophie Lou’s Love You To Pieces”, aka, “Reese” is our biggest female weighing in at about 20 pounds. She came to us from Duke’s Cockapoos.  She is a light apricot and buff, F2 cockapoo.   She has a very sweet personality and she is friendly and playful. 

Reese has had the full cockapoo panel dna testing done with Paw Print Genetics to assure she is clear of some of the more common genetic diseases prone to cockapoos.  She also has OFA normal patellas.

Reese resides in a wonderful Guardian Home nearby and had her first litter in February, 2020. 

“Sophie Lou’s Precious Pearl”

We are so excited to introduce Sophie Lou’s Precious Pearl, aka “Mazie”. Mazie came to use from Stasia’s Cutie Poos. The name Mazie means pearl and she is definitely precious. She carries for black (most likely with phantom and white markings), red/ apricot/buff as well as chocolate but she would need to be paired with a male that carries chocolate in order to produce chocolate puppies. Her Embark genetic panel came back clear for all cockapoo related diseases and we will have her OFA patella check prior to breeding. We hope to have litters with her and our Auggie one day. She has a wonderful guardian family who loves and cares for her. We are very excited to see what the future holds with this beautiful little lady.

“Sophie Lou’s Meadow by the Sea”

Introducing Sophie Lou’s Meadow by the Sea, aka “Marlee”. Marlee came to us from Coastal Cockapoos, which is why we chose an ocean themed name for her. She carries for red/ apricot/buff, black, and chocolate. Her Embark panel came back clear for all cockapoo related diseases and we will have her OFA patella check prior to breeding. We hope to have litters with her and our Auggie one day. She has a wonderful guardian family loving her and she lives with Auggie’s daddy, Chewie. We are excited to see what Marlee brings to our program.

“Sophie Lou’s I Love Lucy”

Introducing Sophie Lou’s I Love Lucy, aka “Lucy”. Lucy was raised right here at Sophie Lou Cockapoos and is the daughter of our Charley Girl. Her father is Chewie, who can be found on our dad’s page. She carries for red/apricot/buff, black, and may also carry for chocolate (will be determined by future testing). We will also do a full Embark panel on her and have her OFA patella check prior to breeding. We hope to have some adorable litters with her one day. She has a wonderful life living with my parents a few miles away. We are excited to see what Lucy brings to our program.

We are born of love. Love is our mother.” – Rumi

We are a small hobby breeder and we do not have a large number of dogs.  Two of our females reside with us as our family pets and the others are in wonderful guardian homes with families that love and adore them on a daily basis.  This allows us to continue our program without using kennels and without overloading our home with dogs.  We truly feel each and every dog deserves the time and attention a family can devote to them and this is why our guardian program is what works best for us.