Can I Afford a Cockapoo?

Louella, from Sophie’s New Year’s Litter

Owning a pet is a huge responsibility.  There are many things to consider before you make this commitment.  One of those things to consider is cost.  Cockapoos can live for up to 18 years in some cases.  Can you afford to give this puppy the care it needs and deserves for 10-18 years?  Before making such a commitment, here are some things to consider.

I believe that your dog’s daily diet can impact their health and well being long term so I feel the investment in quality food is well worth the cost.  What you choose to feed is ultimately your choice, but here is an idea of what I purchase and what you may want to consider.
I feed a high quality kibble and add a frozen raw kibble to their food every day.  I also make and freeze homemade meatballs for the dogs that have a combination of many things in them.  I thaw them out as the week goes along and each dog gets at least one a day mixed in with their food.  I also give probiotics and omega 3 fish oil to each dog, each day.  There are other things I do add as well, but mostly because I have breeding dogs so not all choices I make are applicable to how you may want to feed your dog.
All of that adds up to much more than I am sure most dog owners spend, so it is relative to how you choose to feed your dog.  I would say that at the very least, it is best to feed high quality kibble, probiotics, and omega 3 fish oil to a dog each day.  This may cost more but in my opinion, also pays off because your dog will be less likely to get sick and need a trip to the vet.
Grooming can vary from region to region. I have heard of visits to the groomer ranging from $35 a dog to as high as $75 a dog.  It also depends on how often you go and how well you do at upkeep in between visits.  A combed and clean dog won’t cost as much as a knotted and matted dog and if you keep up with combing and bathing in between, you also won’t need to go quite as often.  Many cockapoos visit the groomer every 6-8 weeks.  You can also learn the basics and try home grooming, which saves a lot in the long run.  It takes some investment for the proper tools and equipment, but once you have learned how to properly groom your dog, it saves a lot of money too.
Veterinarian Visits
This also can vary greatly, depending on where you go and what services you need.  Initially, the cost is a bit higher until all of the puppy shots are complete, around 16 weeks of age (we pay for the first round here).  Your vet will likely want you to use a monthly flea/tick medicine and a heart worm preventative, but the cost varies depending on the vet and type of medicine.  (I have lots of opinions about vaccines and flea and tick treatment but that is for another time and place:))   You will also need to plan for the cost of a spay or neuter surgery when your dog is of an appropriate age. After that, it is a once a year visit with a checkup and any booster shots your dog may need.
Vet visits can become quite expensive in the event of an emergency (your dog is hurt, injured, or ingests something they cannot pass) or in the event that your dog becomes ill, either for short term or long term reasons.  Medications to treat their illness and possible special diets can be prescribed in these instances and those also bring extra costs. Some people also choose to buy veterinarian insurance that would help them cover unexpected visits to the vet.  There are many options.  I have not purchased any but have heard that many people like Nationwide’s pet insurance.
If you plan to travel and your cannot bring your dog, you will need to have a plan while you are absent.  Lots of lucky folks have fabulous friends and family that they trust to care for their beloved dog in their absence but if you do not, you will need to consider a boarding facility or dog day care.  The costs can vary greatly depending on region and each particular business.
Dog Supplies
Toys, dishes, collars, leashes, harnesses, dog beds, crates, crate pads, clothing (if you like to have doggy fashions), and dog chews and treats are just some of the things you will spend money on while owning a dog.  The amount you spend depends on your taste as well as which brands you use.  You will also need a dog license and each state, town, county, etc. may have different rules and regulations about owning a dog and the cost to have it legally registered.
Training Classes
During the puppy’s first year, you may want to enroll them in at least one positive reinforcement training class.  The cost of these classes vary depending on your region and where you go.
It is always good to plan for the unexpected.  There may be unforeseen costs and events that come up in your dog’s life so it is best to have a plan for how you will meet the needs of your dog should something unexpected arise.
Owning a pet can be very costly so it is wise to plan ahead now and make sure that you are able to commit to giving your dog the care it needs for a long, happy and healthy life.
smart Char
Be smart and plan ahead!