Teddy is loved by the Embry Family

Sophie Lou Cockapoos is top notch. Brooke’s love for her puppies shines through and I am telling you, it’s worth the wait. She loves on those puppies from the start like she says on her website, she lets them sleep in her bedroom for a few weeks!! Now that is love. Brooke guides her new families through the whole process, from making sure they have all of the information they need to be ready for their new puppies to answering any questions or concerns you may have after taking your puppy home! Her attention to detail and communication is excellent. We loved how she kept us updated with the photos and little videos on Instagram. After taking all of the suggestions from Brooke as to how to prepare for our puppy, and knowing what to expect, bringing Teddy home was almost seamless. Brooke spent all the extra time and attention to help crate train the puppies, and litter train them as well (which made potty training SUPER easy for Teddy, he really wanted to keep his area clean!). We know Teddy was loved on, and was exposed to all sorts of noises and sounds and toys and even a car ride with her kids! Teddy was exposed to real life with a family, so when he came to our house, he really fit right in. We are so very thankful for Brooke and her specialty breeding skills. We get comments and reactions about Teddy wherever we take him. He truly was worth the wait!!! Thank you SOOO much Brooke!