Zoe is loved by the Fahlhund Family

We feel enormously lucky to have discovered Sophie Lou Cockapoos. Reading all these eloquent and thoughtful testimonials only reinforces our feelings; it’s impossible to say anything  about Brooke and her puppies that hasn’t been said already. I can’t imagine a better adoption experience, in fact, I’d love to go through it again! Having a Sophie Lou puppy is like being inducted into a very special club.

As far as the process itself is concerned: We followed Sophie Lou’s puppy litters on Instagram for many pleasurable months before getting on the waiting list and knew from research and experience that it would be worth the wait. We weren’t disappointed.  Not only is Brooke a wonderful breeder, she is great communicator and human being – my whole family loves her. She’s so knowledgeable, warm, and funny. By the time we picked Zoe up in Sept 2020, we felt ourselves totally prepared and Zoe herself was well-trained –Brooke had laid the foundation so well. I’ll never forget that day.

As I write, one year later, Zoe is at my feet. She’s great company and has brought us so much joy!.