Nairobi is loved by Shiro

I am the lucky mummy to the most fantastic boy! My lovely guy, Nairobi, brought joy to my eyes as soon as I saw his picture that Brooke sent. He has been the most amazing addition to my life, his spirit, his cuteness, his love. Brooke has also just been the best. She truly, truly cares for her pups and insures that they are going home to a loving environment. I have reached out to Brooke several times during my first year with Nairobi as I am a first-time dog mummy. Brooke was there every single step of the way and answered every single question I had, and trust me they were a lot!

We had a bit of a health scare, Nairobi had gotten something in his system that caused an infection, the vets suspected it happened when he was out playing. The whole ordeal was quite overwhelming for me, as soon as I reached out to Brooke, she was there several times a day checking in and giving me hope and courage. We made it, Nairobi is back to his normal self! Without Brooke as a resource I don’t think I would have been able to keep my cool because I was hopelessly overwhelmed. This is a testament to her care and unconditional support for you and your puppy. We are just getting back to New York City from our trip to San Diego and he had a blast and I’m just so thankful that Brooke allowed me to join her family of beautiful cockapoos. They are special, beautiful, healthy and have been shown love from day one! Thank you Brooke!