We are proud to share our puppies with each new family. It brings us joy to see them thriving in their new homes. Thank you to all of our families for sharing pictures and for keeping in touch with us.

There is an old saying, “if you want the best, go to the best.”  If you want the best Cockapoo, the “gold standard” is Brooke of Sophielou Cockapoos.

Brooke is not just a breeder.  She is a dog lover who has the unique ability, knowledge, care and  dedication to not only provide an adorable puppy, but a puppy who has been nurtured, loved, trained and given a strong foundation to grow into a dog who will be loving, obedient, gentle and a true companion to both adults and children.

Brooke provides consistent, constant and accurate communication and information throughout the process of breeding, birth and first weeks of life in anticipation of getting your puppy and having the puppy became a true member of your family.  In each step Brooke answers all questions and posts pictures and videos which further serve to not only warm your heart, but to “keep you in the progress loop.”

Brooke’s methods are based on a sound and successful method that relies upon consistency and love.  Brooke trains the puppies in their crucial first 9 weeks of life in crating, manners, interacting with children, adjusting to new sounds and places and, of course, potty training.  These all are critical to the success of a new puppy with its family.

Simply, Brooke cares for each puppy as if that puppy was going to be a member of her own family forever and in so doing, she will always be part of our family! We will forever be grateful for the gift of Winston Brooke gave us!

Since taking home Winston in 2019, the Rafsky’s returned for sweet little Sadie in 2021. We love to see our puppies growing up side by side.

Winston is loved by the Rafsky Family

We can’t say enough positive things about our experience with Brooke and Sophie Lou’s Cockapoos.  Right from the initial conversation we had, Brooke was warm, caring and genuinely passionate about matching her puppies with loving forever homes.  The entire process was so smooth – she was always available to answer any questions we had, and gave us additional context and the why’s behind her answers to really help us understand.  Brooke provided us with lots of relevant, useful information at the appropriate times throughout the process, including helpful links and websites to prepare us for bringing home our puppy.  And she provided us with tons of photos and videos of the puppies so we could watch them grow from birth until it was time to take our puppy home.
On the day we picked up our little Coco, Brooke welcomed us into her beautiful and impeccably clean home.  She was so organized and had a care package ready to send home with us, filled with goodies to help make a smooth transition.  She allowed ample time to review the items in the care package, as well as allow us to bond with our new baby.
Coco was so well cared for, healthy and groomed while he was in Brooke’s home.  She puts her heart and soul into raising the puppies.  The result is that our Coco, since the day we took him home, is super happy, well behaved and so lovable.

Brooke’s honesty, thoughtfulness and professionalism throughout the process was much appreciated and we highly recommend her to anyone!

Yolanda & Luis


Coco is loved by Yolanda and Luis

Ten out of ten for Sophie Lou Cockapoos…. From the minute these sweet puppies are born, Brooke cares and nurtures them with love preparing them for their forever homes. Our handsome Valentino was born on January 1, 2019. We brought him home in March. Bringing a new puppy home, you never know what to expect. Valentino was crate trained and within 2-3 weeks potty trained. He easily adapted to his new environment and was well socialized accepting and trusting his new family from the start. For this, I credit Brooke for her hard work in coaching and training these babies.

All future forever families get the opportunity to watch the progress and daily activities of theirs babies through Brooke’s daily Instagram postings. Thank you Brooke for all you do and thank you for our special Valentino who has brought life and joy to our home. 

Valentino is loved by the Alba Family

Words cannot express how happy we are with Sophie Lou Cockapoos. When we decided that our family was ready for our dog, we knew that Sophie Lou Cockapoos was the best fit for us. Throughout the entire process and moving forward, Brooke communicated with us on a regular basis about our amazing addition, Alfie. During our first visit to meet Alfie, we saw first hand how loved and cared for the puppies were. Alfie has had the very best start to life. He spent his first weeks of life in a loving home, exposed to children, and received amazing care. As first time dog owners, we were pleasantly surprised to learn that Brooke started house training the entire litter at a very early age. When we arrived to pick up Alfie, we were sent home with a wealth of information to help with Alfie’s transition to his new family. We are so blessed with our newest family member and have Brooke, Sophie, and their family to thank for the wonderful experience.

Alfie is loved by the Brenn Family

Having the opportunity to be the proud owners of a Sophie Lou Cockapoo has been better than we could have ever expected! Not only is our little Mavrick one of the cutest puppies I have ever seen, he is also very well rounded. From the time that she decided to breed Sophie for the first time, Brooke made it her personal mission to equip herself with all of the current research and information to allow Sophie’s first litter of puppies to be some of the healthiest, well socialized and largely loved puppies around. With her wealth of knowledge and genuine love of animals Brooke has been wonderful to go through this process with.  As one example of the dedication that Brooke has to these puppies, Mavrick came to us practically already house broken at eight weeks old. Thanks to Brooke’s commitment to keeping the puppies on a schedule we were able to manage through this process with very little mishaps. Mavrick knew that his potty place was outside and he quickly learned how to alert us to all of his needs. It was like he had always been a part of our family. I credit Brooke for this easy transition because she devoted herself to the success of these puppies, and made herself available after the adoption process to provide reassurance and advice whenever needed.

Mavrick is loved by the Harris Family

Our family wasn’t sure if we were quite ready for a dog, but when we spoke with Brooke we knew right away we couldn’t pass up this opportunity!  Brooke kept us so informed with pictures, emails, texts and sent us such wonderful information. We went to get Kona and she was perfect! We could not be more in love with her. She has the best personality and came pretty much already potty trained and crate trained. I heard of other dog owners having such a hard time with potty and crate training.. we had none of this. Such a true testament about how great Brooke is with the puppies. She loves each one like they are her own! She is also still so readily available for any questions I may have and still sends valuable information she thinks we should have. I honestly cannot say enough great things about Brooke and her family. We are so lucky and in love with our Kona baby!

Kona is loved by the Bianco Family