We are proud to share our puppies with each new family. It brings us joy to see them thriving in their new homes. Thank you to all of our families for sharing pictures and for keeping in touch with us.

I discovered the Cockapoo breed in August of 2020. We were vacationing in Maryland and I kept seeing these adorable puppies. They were always Cockapoos. I started researching the breed and discovered that they had all of the characteristics that we were looking for in a dog. They are very smart, playful, energetic, curious, great companions, little to no shedding and a smaller size. We own a sailboat and we wanted a dog who would like the water and not take up too much room on our boat. We are both retired and have been without a dog for 10 years. It was time to fill that void in our lives.
We live in Northeastern Pennsylvania so I began looking for breeders close to us. The day I found Sophielou Cockapoos and Brooke was one of the luckiest days of my life. We were able to be part of Brooke’s waiting list for 2021. For over a year I thought and talked about our new puppy, non-stop! It was great having something so exciting to look forward to during such a difficult year. Brooke was right along with me during those months providing answers to my many questions and when the time came, sending updates on Reese’s pregnancy!
From the moment the litter was born on August 29, Brooke sent emails that included a wealth of information and sent many pictures and videos. We always felt a part of the first eight weeks of the puppies’ lives. It was so easy to see Brooke’s love for her dogs and all of the puppies. We could tell how dedicated she is to taking such good care of the puppies and preparing all of them for their future lives with their forever families.
Brooke’s puppies are definitely loved from the start and I wanted to share how lucky we are to have one. From day one Sailor acclimated to our home and our busy lifestyle. Thank you Brooke, for preparing us and Sailor for our life together! Every day is an adventure and we are so happy he is along for the ride! I can’t say enough about much we appreciate the love and care you provided our little guy! We are so happy to be part of your puppy family!
Brooke is a pleasure to know and her puppies are special. I hope if you are reading this you will choose to become one of her Forever Families.
Mary & Ladd Rusk

Sailor is loved by the Rusk Family

We cannot say enough wonderful things about Sophie Lou Cockapoos. This was our family’s’ first dog and working with Brooke was an amazing experience. It was clear from the first time we logged onto Brooke’s webpage and Instagram that she puts her heart and soul into the care and placement of her dogs. Brooke was a joy to work with through the whole process. She is extremely knowledgeable, answered all of our questions quickly and with great patience and detail, and her adorable Instagram page allowed us to keep up with the puppies and get to know their personalities. We felt like we knew each one before we had to make our choice.

As the day approached to meet the new member of our family, Theo, Brooke provided us with all of the information we needed to make sure that he had a great transition into our home. As an added bonus she started crate and potty training before we picked up Theo, which made his transition so much smoother. Thank you, Brooke !!  I think the best compliment that we can pay Brooke is that we were just as excited to meet her as we were our new puppy. I would not hesitate to recommend her and her puppies to anyone. Theo is such a joy and a blessing and although it’s only been a few months, we can’t imagine our life without him. He brings so much happiness to our home and our lives and a simple thank you doesn’t seem to say enough.

We have nothing but praise for Brooke and Sophie Lou Cockapoos, her process, values, and puppies.

Theo is loved by the Culhane Family

I am the lucky mummy to the most fantastic boy! My lovely guy, Nairobi, brought joy to my eyes as soon as I saw his picture that Brooke sent. He has been the most amazing addition to my life, his spirit, his cuteness, his love. Brooke has also just been the best. She truly, truly cares for her pups and insures that they are going home to a loving environment. I have reached out to Brooke several times during my first year with Nairobi as I am a first-time dog mummy. Brooke was there every single step of the way and answered every single question I had, and trust me they were a lot!

We had a bit of a health scare, Nairobi had gotten something in his system that caused an infection, the vets suspected it happened when he was out playing. The whole ordeal was quite overwhelming for me, as soon as I reached out to Brooke, she was there several times a day checking in and giving me hope and courage. We made it, Nairobi is back to his normal self! Without Brooke as a resource I don’t think I would have been able to keep my cool because I was hopelessly overwhelmed. This is a testament to her care and unconditional support for you and your puppy. We are just getting back to New York City from our trip to San Diego and he had a blast and I’m just so thankful that Brooke allowed me to join her family of beautiful cockapoos. They are special, beautiful, healthy and have been shown love from day one! Thank you Brooke!

Nairobi is loved by Shiro

We feel enormously lucky to have discovered Sophie Lou Cockapoos. Reading all these eloquent and thoughtful testimonials only reinforces our feelings; it’s impossible to say anything  about Brooke and her puppies that hasn’t been said already. I can’t imagine a better adoption experience, in fact, I’d love to go through it again! Having a Sophie Lou puppy is like being inducted into a very special club.

As far as the process itself is concerned: We followed Sophie Lou’s puppy litters on Instagram for many pleasurable months before getting on the waiting list and knew from research and experience that it would be worth the wait. We weren’t disappointed.  Not only is Brooke a wonderful breeder, she is great communicator and human being – my whole family loves her. She’s so knowledgeable, warm, and funny. By the time we picked Zoe up in Sept 2020, we felt ourselves totally prepared and Zoe herself was well-trained –Brooke had laid the foundation so well. I’ll never forget that day.

As I write, one year later, Zoe is at my feet. She’s great company and has brought us so much joy!.

Zoe is loved by the Fahlhund Family

Our family couldn’t speak more highly of Sophie Lou Cockapoos! From day one, we were provided with clear communication and expectations around the entire process. And from our first conversation with Brooke, we immediately felt the love that these puppies were being born and brought up in and that love is so evident in our little Sydney, who is the sweetest dog. We can’t thank Sophie Lou Cockapoos enough for making our family complete with our beautiful dog.

Sydney is loved by Dan and Christopher

We couldn’t be happier with our Cockapoo from Brooke at Sophie Lou Cookapoo’s.  We had a wonderful experience from start to finish.  Our new puppy, Maya, has been a great addition to our family,  Right from the start, she was pre-trained and well behaved. She knew to sit and sleep in her crate. Brooke’s dedication and knowledge of breeding Cockapoos made for an easy transition to our home.  We highly recommend Sophie Lou Cookapoos and  if you’re looking for a superior breeder, Brooke is the one you should use. She is always available to answer questions and give advice. It was worth the wait! You won’t be disappointed!

Maya is loved by the Kaback Family

We are so thankful that we found Sophie Lou Cockapoos.  My three children had been begging for a puppy for months.  I finally caved into the idea since we were spending so much time at home due to the pandemic.  After doing tons of research online, I came across Sophie Lou Cockapoos. Initially I didn’t want to travel out of state for a puppy (we are located in Kentucky), but I was immediately impressed with Brooke after the first time that we spoke.  I could tell that she truly cared about the health and well being of her dogs and puppies.  I loved that she was a smaller breeder, so I felt confident that her puppies were getting the attention and care that they needed. I knew that this was the breeder for us.  So we waited patiently until a puppy became available, and I’m so glad that we did!  Our little Rudy is the best addition to our family.  He is the sweetest dog, always happy to see all of us and greet us with kisses and excitement.  He has the best personality and can be laid back at times but also loves to play and run around with the kids.  WE ABSOLUTELY ADORE HIM.  He was easy to train, super smart and is the CUTEST dog ever!!!  He always gets compliments on how beautiful he is wherever he goes.  He has brought so much joy and love to our family!  
Brooke from Sophie Lou Cockapoos is an absolute blessing!  She was always available to answer all our questions.  I never felt rushed with her and trusted her completely to help match us with a puppy that would fit our family perfectly.  She was great at communicating with us throughout the entire adoption process. She is knowledgeable, caring and honest. I would 100% recommend Sophie Lou Cockapoos.  You will not be disappointed! 

Rudy is loved by the Jackson Family

Sophie Lou Cockapoos is top notch. Brooke’s love for her puppies shines through and I am telling you, it’s worth the wait. She loves on those puppies from the start like she says on her website, she lets them sleep in her bedroom for a few weeks!! Now that is love. Brooke guides her new families through the whole process, from making sure they have all of the information they need to be ready for their new puppies to answering any questions or concerns you may have after taking your puppy home! Her attention to detail and communication is excellent. We loved how she kept us updated with the photos and little videos on Instagram. After taking all of the suggestions from Brooke as to how to prepare for our puppy, and knowing what to expect, bringing Teddy home was almost seamless. Brooke spent all the extra time and attention to help crate train the puppies, and litter train them as well (which made potty training SUPER easy for Teddy, he really wanted to keep his area clean!). We know Teddy was loved on, and was exposed to all sorts of noises and sounds and toys and even a car ride with her kids! Teddy was exposed to real life with a family, so when he came to our house, he really fit right in. We are so very thankful for Brooke and her specialty breeding skills. We get comments and reactions about Teddy wherever we take him. He truly was worth the wait!!! Thank you SOOO much Brooke!

Teddy is loved by the Embry Family

When doing our research for a cockapoo, we came upon Sophie Lou Cockapoos.  My husband and I read the testimonials and thought this may be the breeder for us!!!      After going to get our puppy I wanted to write a few words to thank her and to express our feelings about Brooke and her puppy training methods.

I think that all the testimonials are beautifully written and truthful about Brooke and her devotion to raising cockapoos in the best way that she possibly can.  We didn’t want to copy or re-write what everyone else has written soooooo…….after browsing all the testimonials there are many common words used to describe Brooke: helpful, knowledgeable, experienced, caring, great communicator, the Best, Gold Standard, dedication, nurturing, caring, passionate, honest, thoughtful, professional… If  you are reading these testimonials, then you are thinking of getting a cockapoo puppy!!!  You need to look no further!!!   We can’t say enough about Brooke!!!!  We hit the JackPot with Sophie Lou Cockapoos.  Enough about Brooke:)     

We went to  pick up Zoey in April.  Zoey has slept thru the night since we brought her home.  She goes “potty” outside.  She loves her crate and happily goes there for bedtime.  The x-pen has worked out great!!!  The best part about Zoey is that she is affectionate, smart, funny, obedient and a quick learner!!  All of these things are due to Brooke and her methods for training /raising puppies. My husband and I are empty nesters and having Zoey come live with us has been a joy.  We are the lucky ones having met Brooke. If you are thinking of a puppy and lucky enough to get a Sophie Lou Cockapoo, you will never be disappointed.   

Zoey is loved by the Schaefer Family

We are so over the moon with our sweet Teddy. Brooke was very helpful, knowledgeable and experienced. She genuinely cares about making sure your new family member is a perfect fit. She was always ready to share updates and answer any questions a great communicator. These puppies are loved from the minute of their birth and socialized very well which makes all the difference in the world.

Our Teddy, went potty outside and slept in his crate instantly. He is so smart, loves to snuggle, play and is friendly with everyone. He has the best personality ever and we just love him so.

Teddy is loved by the Zingale Family