Winston is loved by the Rafsky Family

There is an old saying, “if you want the best, go to the best.”  If you want the best Cockapoo, the “gold standard” is Brooke of Sophielou Cockapoos.

Brooke is not just a breeder.  She is a dog lover who has the unique ability, knowledge, care and  dedication to not only provide an adorable puppy, but a puppy who has been nurtured, loved, trained and given a strong foundation to grow into a dog who will be loving, obedient, gentle and a true companion to both adults and children.

Brooke provides consistent, constant and accurate communication and information throughout the process of breeding, birth and first weeks of life in anticipation of getting your puppy and having the puppy became a true member of your family.  In each step Brooke answers all questions and posts pictures and videos which further serve to not only warm your heart, but to “keep you in the progress loop.”

Brooke’s methods are based on a sound and successful method that relies upon consistency and love.  Brooke trains the puppies in their crucial first 9 weeks of life in crating, manners, interacting with children, adjusting to new sounds and places and, of course, potty training.  These all are critical to the success of a new puppy with its family.

Simply, Brooke cares for each puppy as if that puppy was going to be a member of her own family forever and in so doing, she will always be part of our family! We will forever be grateful for the gift of Winston Brooke gave us!

Since taking home Winston in 2019, the Rafsky’s returned for sweet little Sadie in 2021. We love to see our puppies growing up side by side.