Sailor is loved by the Rusk Family

I discovered the Cockapoo breed in August of 2020. We were vacationing in Maryland and I kept seeing these adorable puppies. They were always Cockapoos. I started researching the breed and discovered that they had all of the characteristics that we were looking for in a dog. They are very smart, playful, energetic, curious, great companions, little to no shedding and a smaller size. We own a sailboat and we wanted a dog who would like the water and not take up too much room on our boat. We are both retired and have been without a dog for 10 years. It was time to fill that void in our lives.
We live in Northeastern Pennsylvania so I began looking for breeders close to us. The day I found Sophielou Cockapoos and Brooke was one of the luckiest days of my life. We were able to be part of Brooke’s waiting list for 2021. For over a year I thought and talked about our new puppy, non-stop! It was great having something so exciting to look forward to during such a difficult year. Brooke was right along with me during those months providing answers to my many questions and when the time came, sending updates on Reese’s pregnancy!
From the moment the litter was born on August 29, Brooke sent emails that included a wealth of information and sent many pictures and videos. We always felt a part of the first eight weeks of the puppies’ lives. It was so easy to see Brooke’s love for her dogs and all of the puppies. We could tell how dedicated she is to taking such good care of the puppies and preparing all of them for their future lives with their forever families.
Brooke’s puppies are definitely loved from the start and I wanted to share how lucky we are to have one. From day one Sailor acclimated to our home and our busy lifestyle. Thank you Brooke, for preparing us and Sailor for our life together! Every day is an adventure and we are so happy he is along for the ride! I can’t say enough about much we appreciate the love and care you provided our little guy! We are so happy to be part of your puppy family!
Brooke is a pleasure to know and her puppies are special. I hope if you are reading this you will choose to become one of her Forever Families.
Mary & Ladd Rusk